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Contributions to Anthologies Include:

"Herbert Marcuse In 1978: An Interview" in MARXISM, REVOLUTION, AND UTOPIA: COLLECTED PAPERS OF HERBERT MARCUSE, vol. 6 ( University of California, 2014)


A Four Way Discussion of  Manning Up by Kay Hymowitz in NEW GIRL ORDER: ARE MEN IN DECLINE?  (Cato Institute 2012 Kindle Edition)


"Beyond The Masculine Mystique," in GENDER VIOLENCE, edited by Laura O'Toole et al (New York University, 2007);


"Boys Will Be Boys," & "Sports: When Winning Is the Only Thing, Can Violence Be Far Away," in VIOLENCE AND GENDER, edited by P.R. Gilbert & K.K. Ely (Prentice Hall, 2004);


"How Rape Is Encouraged in American Boys and What We Can Do to Stop It," in TRANSFORMING A RAPE CULTURE, edited by Emilie Buchwald et al (Milkweed, 2004, revised edition);


"Learning to Be Violent," in ENDING THE CYCLE OF VIOLENCE, edited by Einat Peled et al (Sage, 1994);


"Real Men, Wimps, and National Security," in RETHINKING PEACE, edited by Elias & Jennifer Turpin (Lynne Rienner, 1994);


"Father Hunger," in WOMEN RESPOND TO THE MEN'S MOVEMENT, edited by Kay Leigh Hagan (Harper San Francisco, 1992).

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